How It Works

SMART Entrepreneurs

SMART Entrepreneurs use the services listed by the Freelancers based on the listed categories. To kickstart a service, please follow the steps and make payment. Posgi will hold the payment and will pay to the partner until the service is completed.

Viola! You get your marketing material in the most convenient way you ever knew.

BIG Freelancers

While you have the skills to create marketing materials for Entrepreneurs, you list a service post on Posgi. All Freelancers must use the real and authentic individual name and profile photo.

After the publication of your service post, be sure to check for a new message or request. You will receive a notification on Posgi and via email.

Once you have accepted the request, depending on the service category, please send a list of questions to receive information from your customer (eg: company name, business nature, etc). Be sure to deliver the service as you have agreed with your customer. While the membership and listing are free, we hope this platform will benefit all Entrepreneurs and the Freelancers. We will take 19% commission for each transaction which including payment gateway fees, servers and opertaions.

Posgi is the Freelancer Management System for Entrepreneurs to manage outsourced projects all in one place.
How It Works
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